Finally, a resume critique
tailored for you.

We've all seen free resume critiques on the Web – however, they can be generic and could apply to hundreds of resumes, not just yours. So while they might be free, are they helpful? We at review each resume by hand, pointing out specific weaknesses and ways to remedy them. Get a truly FREE step-by-step guide to improving your resume.

  • Why FREE?

    We've all heard the saying "there are no free lunches". We at feel the same way. There's no obligation to purchase anything else, and no generic critique of your resume. Instead, we tell you what's right as well as what's wrong. All within 24 hours.

  • No Strings Attached

    Our aim is not to sell you resume writing services. That means we won't tell you everything that's wrong with your resume so that you'll buy one from us. Instead, we'll tell you everything that can be improved (as well as what's good!) and how to do it.

  • Advice You Can Apply

    You get a detailed, specific review of each section on your resume, as well as guidance on how to improve. We won't send you a one-page document with common information on how to write a resume. Our critique is a detailed analysis of YOUR resume, not the resume of the average job-seeker.

  • Why Choose Us?

    When you work with, you're getting a critique from a team of qualified reviewers whose credentials include the Certified Professional Resume Writer designation (CPRW), decades of hiring management expertise, human resources skills, copyediting, and writing experience.

How It Works

  • Upload Your Resume
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  • Let Us Critique It With Our
    Proprietary Methodology

  • Get Your Finished Evaluation
    Within 24 Hours

Our Methodology

Our methodology offers a critique that gets to the heart of specific weaknesses on your resume. Rather than simply tell you something generic that would benefit most job seekers, such as advising you to use more creative language, our CPRWs evaluate each component of your resume and provide specific feedback as well as direction on how to improve!

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An unbiased, objective opinion – from qualified, Certified Professional Resume Writers

At, we pride ourselves on being the only unbiased resume critique service on the Web.

Unlike other free resume critiques on the Web today, which are mass-produced to catch the most common mistakes that applicants make on resumes, our reviewers comb each resume by hand, providing specific feedback about each section of your resume that can be improved, as well as giving credit where it is due.

What Our Clients Say...

This critique picked up on items I didn't even know existed! Rather than spend money on a whole new resume, I got an evaluation and fixed the issues myself!

- Shannon D, Charlotte, NC

Wow! This was a lot longer than I expected, and very thorough for FREE!

- Bruce S, Phoenix, AZ

It was great to get something that helped me catch my errors, without needing to buy a whole new resume.

- Carrie B, Houston, TX

I was skeptical of OnlineResumeCritique when there are so many other free ones available. Now, I know what the difference is. This critique is so detailed and so much better! You can tell a real person has actually seen and commented on it.

- Andrew H, Sacramento, CA

Great DIY option and alternative to shelling out hundreds of dollars for a resume from scratch. If you have the time to educate yourself with a little help from the pros – this is the way to go

- Sam P, Chicago, IL