Our resume critique methodology

Our critique methodology consists of a 30-point checklist of various components of a resume, ranging from your career summary to the very finest details of your personal resume, such as the language, font style, and layout used to present your credentials. From there, we provide valuable feedback covering each of these points, outlining your resume’s strengths and providing easy-to-follow guidance on how to boost its points of opportunity.

A critique that actually gets to the heart of specific weaknesses on your resume - complete with instructions on how to fix them

Rather than simply tell you something generic that most people could benefit from, such as advising you to use more creative language – our CPRWs actually evaluate each component of your resume and provide specific feedback as well as directions on how to improve! Examples range from commentary regarding consistency in your bullet points to the pointing out grammatical errors and identification of proper pronoun use.

We won't only tell you about the negative parts

We take a genuine interest in reviewing the items that can be improved on your resume – as well as those items that are just fine the way they are! In keeping with our objective, unbiased approach, we will not hesitate to tell you the things that you have done well with your resume, but also want you to get value out of our critique. That means we will be straightforward and forthcoming about any areas of improvement.